Your therapy journey starts here.
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New Client: What to do
Starting therapy can be scary,
but let me assure you that it's simple to do.
It's worth it and YOU are worth it!
Read entire "What to Do" before signing up for 1st session.

1Schedule an appointment. 
This is where you will schedule your appointments from now on.
If you have a question, please text or call 832-795-9521.        
2. Fill out ALL paperwork online.
Check your email (sometimes it goes to Spam folder) to search for the login to the portal where the paperwork is stored. All of this paperwork is done online for safekeeping, for convenience and to save you time during your first session.
Please fill out all information thoroughly, including the credit card information.  You must have a credit or debit card on file to schedule attend your first appointment.  Keep a record of your login information. You will need it to reschedule more appointments.
3. Know your insurance - copay, deductible and if I, Kristy Hayes, LPC am in network with your insurance by calling the member number on the back of your card. It benefits you to know your insurance coverage.  Sometimes your insurance carrier uses a subsidiary company to do their mental health benefits.  I will be on their list for your area if I am contracted with that company to accept their insurance.  Then, text a picture of your insurance card front and back to the number above to have your insurance verified active.  If you have NOT met your deductible the price will be based on the contracted rate with your insurance company. Once you've met your deductible, then  you will pay just your copay.
  Insurance accepted- PPOs ONLY:  Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Aetna, Cigna.  No other insurance accepted.

SELF PAY: $120 per 50 minute session.  Intake/ first session - $150.
Sliding scale available with proof of income that you make under $40k per year.
Sliding scale rate is $80 per session (that's 30% off).

4. Show up and get started!  You're on your way!
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 Why Now?  Why Not?

   Life can be amazing!
But if you're not feeling it, that can be  hard to believe
Feeling Lost?  Stuck?  Overwhelmed?  Disappointed with your place in life?

 Goals are great, but destination isn't everything.
Enjoy the Journey!
Mapping the steps needed to achieve self-confidence and greater understanding of your life's purpose can be a struggle to do alone. 
With vision, insight, hope and hard work, you can make new habits to create a better life.
Establishing new habits, breaking old patterns and preparing for your future are great ways to make a new path for yourself. 
The time is now to seek real answers and be willing to do the work to figure out what steps lead to your new found goals.
Now is the time to discover the great adventures that are waiting to be found along the way, for that is the stuff that makes up LIFE.
Take action for lasting positive changes!

As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is     throw away that store-bought map and
begin to draw your own.
~Michael Dell